The first annual Fiesta Filipiniana was held on June 13, 2003 in the streets of Gaslamp Quarter, mainly on Island Avenue, between 4th and 5th Avenues. It is a Street faire, and the first and only celebration in the area that is of Filipino imprint. The highly successful fiesta had Lucy Gonzales as the first Hermana Mayora, Rachelle Abella as Fiesta Queen and Amanda Bautista McCarty as Fiesta Princess. The all day event was attended by over 7000 visitors, tourists and local residents. The San Diego Philippine Library & Museum was visited by over 2000 guests that day. The Special Guests & Speakers were Supervisor Ron Roberts and Supervisor Greg Cox. The Master of Ceremonies was Robert Ricasa. 105 red, white, yellow and red balloons were released in observance of the 105th Anniversary of the Philippine Independence. The Fiesta also commemorated the Birthday Anniversary of  the Philippine National Hero, Dr Jose Rizal which is June 19th. Our appreciation to Michael Yee, Arnold Marquez, Sev Reyes and of course, Julian Escobar Oriel. They are the Street Faire Team Coordinators. The Cinderella Carriage Parade added prestige to the Fiesta.

The second Annual Fiesta Filipiniana was held on June 19, 2004 along Island Avenue, between 5th and  6th Avenues. The event was attended by over 6000 guests. The Hermana Mayora was Lulu Penetrante with Carla Pascual Peña as Fiesta Queen, Jessica Galdiano as TEEN Princess and Ariel Bautista McCarty as Fiesta Princess. The Master of Ceremonies was Robert Ricasa.

The following Fiesta Filipiniana  in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 were held inside the facility of the San Diego Philippine Library & Historical Heritage Museum, and along the sidewalks. Samahan Rondalla provided a festive atmosphere with their lively Filipiniana folk music headed by Dr. Nita Caccam and Jun Herrera on the guitar. As well as the performances of the PLHHM Chorale Group and Dance Troupe. The Hermana Mayora for 2009 was Josie Isibido. For 2010 the Hermana Mayora was Edna Consing Concepcion. Elsa Siverts as Mrs. Fiesta Filipiniana and Marie Fernandez as Miss Fiesta Filipiniana. The Andres Bonifacio Awards were presented over in different years to Daphne Galang, Ruel Lupa, Ana Labao Cabato, Samahan Rondalla, Dr. Nita Caccam, Robert Ricasa and Chef Larry Banares. Greg Alabado and Ed Sumcad were recognized for their exemplary leadership through journalism and community service. Organizations with over 15 years of existence were also recognized such as the Filipino American Women’s Club of San Diego County and the Filipino American Veterans of San Diego County.
These Fiestas were graced by Consul General Mary Jo Bernardo Aragon, Mayor Jerry Sanders and Supervisors Ron Roberts & Greg Cox.

The June 18, 2011 Fiesta Filipiniana is unique in that 20 young ladies and men leaders in the Fil-Am Community will be recognized with the Sampaguita and Ilang-Ilang Awards and 2 ladies will be honored with the Leadership Award. To reign as Hermana Mayora is Dr. Ofelia Dirige and as Mrs & Young Miss Fiesta Filipiniana are Hermie Clemente, RN and Alessja Morales.

The year 2011 is historic and significant to the San Diego Filipino American Humanitarian Foundation as it is the 20th Anniversary of Founding of the organization. Something big and grand are in store for the June 18, 2011 Fiesta Filipiniana and the October 29, 2011 20th Anniversary & Awards Gala to be held at the Marriott Hotel in Mission Valley, San Diego.


Release of red, white, yellow and blue balloons.

The colors signify the colors in the Philippine flag. The number signifies the anniversary year of the Philippine Independence.

In 2010, 113 balloons were released.

The Muses parade in the GQ, “Cinderella” style.

© Photography Julian Escobar Oriel

© Photography Julian Escobar Oriel

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